Monday, January 24, 2011

Breckenridge or Bust

We spend the past few days in Breckenridge, Colorado freezing skiing our butts off! It was tons of fun, but oh so much work. What a great reminder of how out of shape we all were! We arrived in Denver early Thursday morning and got our rental car (they upgraded us to a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I have been eying as an upgrade to my current vehicle!), and after a nice Denny's breakfast, we were en route to Breck. It was actually a short and easy drive from Denver to Breckenridge -- flat, no twisty roads or scary uphill climbs. We were able to walk around the town a bit before meeting up with friends for lunch at the local Brewery -- great beer, not so great food...

We checked into the house a few hours later, met the rest of the crew, and ate a nice chicken enchilada dinner before playing a few games and breaking out the cards for a round of Spades. We spent the next two days skiing in deep powder, blizzard-like temperatures, and freezing gusts of wind. Awesome :) There is a great restaurant/bar on Peak 8 that we frequented when the conditions got bad or when we got hungry. It was a great atmosphere -- lots of yummy food, good music, nice people, and the best cocoa and Bailey's/Kaluha you could get your cold hands on!

We had such an awesome time and met some really great people. Needless to say, we are already thinking about trip #2 next year :) Here are some iPhone pics (more 'real' pics to come!).

Hanging out in Breckenridge on our first day

After a long day of skiing

Trevor and Troy - the original snow bunnies

It was so cold!

The town of Breckenridge

This is our blizzard shot :)

Look closely - you can see a snow sculpture of the word BRECK!

Snow bunines - Kristen, Jenna, Me, Natalee

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silhouette #4

This cute blog is also giving away a Silhouette - I Heart Naptime!

Silhouette Giveaway #3

And this wonderful blog is ALSO giving away the Silhouette!

(I am earning some serious Sister-in-law points here)

Silhouette Giveaway #2

All Things Thrifty is giving away a Silhouette too!! Woohoo!!

(Lindsey -- I'm goin for gold!)

Because I am an Awesome Sister-In-Law...

...I am doing my part to try to win this awesome Silhouette (which I too have been ooohing and ahhhing over for a while now) from Craftaholics Anonymous for my sister-in-law (because she is willing to give up a dye job to get and because she lives minutes away and we can share it (maybe...please?). I figure lots of people will be entering, so why not add a few entries in our  her favor?

So in the words of Lindsey, "Say a prayer and don't enter bc you further reduce my chance of winning. LOL."

If you choose the path that may lead you to the wrath of Lindsey, click here. Awesome blog. Awesome giveaway.

If you want to look at some cute photos instead, and avoid the wrath completely, click here. Hehe

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blame it on the Holidays

Blame it on the holidays birthdays new puppy work...bottom line is -- I totally failed at blogging ever since the holiday season began. It seemed like they moved at an abnormally fast pace this year, starting with Thanksgiving (which we hosted) and there were so many things to do. Between Christmas parties, out-of-town guests, mom's graduation, Troy's birthday, a new puppy, Christmas, New Years, and my bday, I barely found time to sleep, much less blog. And nevermind the fact that I launched a new business in the middle of all that, where I spent even more time building my portfolio, editing, designing, and working on a new website and blog. Whew. Wheeeeeew.

But things are getting back on track here at the Davis household and I am so grateful.

And.... here's the plug :)

I would love for anyone who reads our blog to consider checking out my new website and visiting the blog. I have a great promo that is still open through next week, and one that ends today (I am pushing it back a few more hours, just in case!). And don't forget to become a follower -- some future promos will be JUST for followers :)

Have a great and relaxing Sunday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart Faces - Pet Faces Photo Challenge

It's been a little while since we posted something; tis the season for Christmas cards and photo sessions, and therefore I have been very busy, neglecting our little blog just a bit, BUT I saw over at I Heart Faces that they were having a pet photo challenge this week and I just had to post this pic of Miss Tess. It perfectly represents her 'look' -- that over-emphasized head tilt where she looks as if she's thinking, "You want me to do what?!" or worse -- "If you think I can understand you better when you talk to me in that horrible baby voice, you are seriously mistaken, mom."

Classic. Tess.